ever make posts just so someone in particular will see? or anyone for that matter so they or someone will ask? then when it comes time that you are making a post to vent a little or to seek help in some way, or legitimately worried, and then you wish that person doesnt see it or anyone for that matter because it can just make things worse at times. like this post right now could possibly do that or any post you make can do that. which is why you then say nothing or do nothing because you dont want to make things worse. but sometimes they just do anyway but more towards yourself because youre keeping so much inside and you dont know what to do with it. and you feel even more alone then you did before because you just dont know who to go to for help, a million things can happen weather you do something about anything, or do nothing in general. either way any action you take affects you and everyone around you and you cant do anything about it. as long as you make the best out of every situation, the best situation will come along.

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Posted on Monday, 8 April
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